25 June 2012


UCA Maidstone

Bristol University

Kingston University

It was nice to see one of my images on the wall at New Blood. Can't say I was expecting it. 
Hannah Simpson from Kingston University has topped my favourites. You can spot her illustrations on the wall behind the lady in the image above.

Christina Akama

And finally, here are some spreads from my book 'Hawksmoor' by Peter Ackroyd. 

Christina Akama

23 June 2012


London sketches loosely inspired by life.

christina akama

6 May 2012


Christina Akama

Christina Akama

Christina Akama

Christina Akama

The characteristic first impression people have when visiting a place like Elephant and Castle is that they find it to be an eyesore. Having spent a few months there during my summer break I grew very much attached to the area and was curious to find out more about the abandoned estate opposite my flat. This is how it all began: mere curiosity changed my perception of the very dull-looking concrete estate and, my will to dig deeper into the planned regeneration is what enabled me to form a very different opinion to that of a conventional visitor to the area.

Equipped with my camera I decided to venture out into the estate, as I had stumbled on a news article regarding a few residents who still refuse to leave their home, despite the government pushing through with its regeneration plans.

8 March 2012


Christina Akama

Through my book I am hoping to convey that there is more than meets the eye to Heygate Estate; a lesson I learned when talking to its residents and when experiencing first-hand their passion to keeping their home the way it is. You cannot argue that the estate  has not served its purpose for keeping low-income families to live in central London, but in the world we are living in, where everything is evaluated in terms of profitability it makes sense to the government to regenerate the area.